The year is 1987, a cold winter in Boston and another boring Christmas eve for the Jews. Chinese food and movie theaters just ain't gonna cut it again for the brainchild of one Jewish man and his longing to bring Jewish people together, and even more so, his desire to meet a hot Jewish girl.

Andrew Rudnick/He found himself in a hotel ballroom at an event that seemingly felt more like a temple gathering of some sort. He could almost feel the yentas staring him down, and their not-so-subtle whispers and attempts to set him up with the next girl they laid eyes on.

In an attempt to mitigate the risk of such a disastrous event occurring again in his life, Rudnik decided to take matters into his own hands. With a combination of his entrepreneurial strengths, and his desire to bring Jews together in hopes of meeting the ultimate love of his life, he set out on a mission that would eventually lead to a cultural reset for American Jews everywhere.

A year later, he birthed what would become a longstanding tradition for American Jews on Christmas eve, The Matzoball.

36 years later, Jewish people are continuing to benefit from his oh-so-disastrous night out. The Matzoball has become the Nations #1 Holiday Party and is known to Jewish people everywhere. The starting point of thousands of marriages, relationships, and friendships began with us.

Now we are here to continue our legendary tradition of connecting Jewish singles every day. It’s no longer a once-a-year event, we're bringing a new party to life, and it's all about you!

A new Matzoball recipe made just for you. A mix of swiping, matching, meeting, irl events, speed dating, and a heaping dash of Matzoball goodness!!

So sign up, keep swiping, and make your Jewish mother happy.


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Get the latest Matzoball updates.

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